COUNTDOWN TO PLANET BATTLE: Tuesday, 25 November 2008

One of the most hotly anticipated and display of martial arts mastery in Hong Kong history hits Hong Kong next Tuesday.

This 8-man tournament features internationally renowned heavyweight kickboxers, including local HK hero Alain “Panther” Ngalani, as well as New Zealand superstar Andrew “Powerhouse” Peck, K1 New Zealand Champion and K1 Oceania finalist, and Jason “Psycho” Suttie, WMTA World Super Heavyweight Champion. The last man standing will take home the Planet Battle 2008 Championship belt, as well as the hefty $100,000 cash prize.


Muay Thai Tournament in Singapore

Yesterday, 11th of August 2007 in Singapore they held a Muay Thai Tournament with amateur and pro fighters. 12 or 13 bouts, the guys are pretty good...

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